Lube Oil Waste Purification/Recycling Technology2

Lube Oil Waste Purification/Recycling Technology

A business associate, based in the Asia Pacific region, invents environmentally-friendly recovery solutions that help society produce more with less, thereby reducing consumption and wastage of the world’s diminishing resources and protecting the environment from oil pollution.

The company has developed and patented membrane organophilic nano-filtration technology to address the disposal of lube-oil waste, which historically has been dogged by such problems as:

  • Ineffective treatment – mechanical filtration, thermal cracking, vacuum or molecular distillation – using low- to medium-end technology.
  • Treatment processes that are generally inflexible and that adversely affect the environment.
  • Requiring a substantial infrastructure and large surface area.
  • The need for long distance transportation.
  • Often requiring high investment and operation costs, including energy consumption.
  • Inappropriate designs for the purpose it is deployed.

In contrast, our associate’s membrane technology offers the following benefits.

  • No secondary pollution.
  • Low temperature operating process.
  • A modular system to easily align capacity with requirements.
  • Almost full recovery of the lube oil with minimal residue.
  • Relatively low capital and operating expenditure with a short return of investment (1-3 years).

The company’s technology relies on a solvent stable membrane based process with precise molecular selection and high flux rate. Liquid waste feeds a centrifuge from a settling tank, which then passes through the patented membrane system, with the purified clear oil end product deposited in a base tank after passing through a permeate tank and oil polishing system.

Relevant industries for the membrane technology are automobile production, heavy industry, shipping, used lubricant recyclers, lubricant blenders as well as government and environmental agencies.

The company is looking for franchisees in several countries to make the technology available to local end-users or customers with an interest in leasing or purchasing the equipment for their own internal use.

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